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Sony Walkman X Series PMP Still Not Good Enough?

Sony's new X Series walkman range is meant to compete with Apple's iPod Touch and the iPhone and it does carry some impressive technology, all of which prospective customers will discover as from tomorrow.

It is the first Walkman to come with an OLED display, albeit a 3-inch touchscreen model, capable of displaying 432x240 (that's a rather strange 1.8:1 aspect ratio), much less than the 480x320 pixels that the iPod touch and the iPhone can display on their 3.5-inch screens.

But the X Series will look to differentiate itself through a better overall sound quality. Sony is promising built in digital noise cancellation - a world's first - as well as superb audio rendition thanks to the Clear Audio and S-master Digital Amplifier technologies.

The personal media player will also integrate WiFi which will allow it to stream BBC iPlayer and Youtube content directly. Prices will start from £209 for the 16GB model and £279 for the 32GB model. And for once, it appears that UK will get it before US customers.

The X Series will be able to play all major audio formats including Lossless FLAC as well but no Ogg Vorbis.

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I am pretty much frustrated by the inability of many manufacturers to go well beyond the 3-inch barrier. There's a reason why the iPhone and the iPod touch have 3.5-inch screens and it has to do with viewing comfort. I know something about it because I have been using my 3.5-inch PDA for commuting for the past three years. 3.5-inch is good, make it compulsory!

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