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UK Broadcasters Want Government Action Against Online Piracy

With an eye on reducing online piracy in near future, some of the largest media organisations in UK including Channel 4, Virgin Media and BSkyB have joined hands to persuade Communication Minister, Lord Carter to tighten web piracy laws.

The Chief executives of the aforementioned media organisations have formed a consortium to advise Lord Carter on the need and ways to tackle online piracy; the move also gains significance because of the fact that Lord Carter’s much anticipated Digital Britain report is expected to be released on June 16.

Among the various suggestions that the group wants to implement include the setting up of an enforcement body under the aegis of Ofcom which would have powers to both caution and if necessary take legal action against the offenders.

Of late, online piracy has become a scourge for media companies who complain of losing millions due to distribution of their copyrighted material on the internet.

Efforts to counter piracy on the internet has been gaining ground and the recent judgment against the founders of Pirate Bay, a site known for proliferating copyright material, by a Swedish court has come as a shot in arm for media companies trying to stop online piracy.

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Our Comments

Interesting that those three media companies want Lord Carter to intervene against pirates. Two of them, Virgin Media and BSkyB, are actually broadband providers with VM actually putting more emphasis on the speed of download on its cable broadband lines. Furthermore, none of the three are anything like major studios like Time Warner or Disney.

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