Wolfram Alpha Search Engine Promises Faster Answers

With the much anticipated launch of Wolfram Alpha scheduled for May 18, the creators of this natural language search engine have categorically stated that their search engine is not going to compete with Google and will instead focus on answering fact based questions.

So the new search engine is unlikely to help you find the timings of your favorite movie shows on television but it can surely attempt to solve queries like “how far is the moon from the earth.”

Incidentally the search engine does not attempt to index the web like other traditional search engines and instead it attempts to process the natural language search queries versus its large database of facts which have been logically organised by its own staff.

Another fact that makes the search engine stand out from the rest is its ability to provide a mini dossier on your query apart from providing the typical search results and this is likely earn it many followers in the academic circles.

Though analysts are divided about the popularity that Wolfram Alpha will eventually achieve, most agree that the search offering from creators of the renowned computational software Mathematica will definitely introduce some advanced techniques in the search engine market.

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Our Comments

Wolfram Alpha could well be acquired by Microsoft before the end of the year if they manage to wow the software manufacturer hard enough. Microsoft is having issues with Google when it comes to challenging the company and the fact that the company has embarked on a bond issue means that it could be looking to raise money for acquisitions.

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