4G World 2009 Conference and Expo

The 4GWorld 2009 Conference and Expo is the world's largest event showcasing next-generation mobile broadband technology solutions, including WiMAX, Backhaul, Femtocell, LTE, and more.

4GWorld offers unrivaled business development, branding, sales, education and networking opportunities. And this year, Mobile Internet World will be part of 4GWorld for one inclusive, thought-leading event.

4G World is the first industry conference and expo covering the entire ecosystem for next generation networks supporting high speed broadband and full mobility, anywhere Internet access, mobile content, applications and transactions.

4G World will showcase the first 4G mobile broadband networks being launched in 2009 using mobile WiMAX technologies and the evolution of 3G mobile networks to support mobile Internet using HSPA and LTE technologies.

WiMAX World is now incorporated into 4G World, with operator and vendor keynotes and operator case studies on spectrum and regulatory strategies, network deployment plans and marketing best practices.

Keynote presentations from industry leading 4G network operators will examine the technical challenges of 4G network evolution and the unique roles of mobile WiMAX, WiFi, HSPA and LTE technologies in 4G ecosystem.

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