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Google Showcases Search On Steroids

Google has announced its plans about introducing a number of innovative features for improving its search engine capabilities at its annual Searchology event which is held at its headquarters in Mountain View, California.

Among the various products that it plans to introduce include a feature called Rich Snippets which is intended to quickly deliver detailed search results that encompass a whole range of information in each listing.

Other notable features include an offering called Google Squared which is expected to be made public in the coming month and is basically designed to offer a tabled result relating to particular query and will look for structures on the web that contain facts.

It seems that Google, which currently holds a rather impressive market share of 63 percent in the US market, is simply not satisfied to sit on its laurels and is striving harder each day to improve the capabilities of its search features and the new set of products it has launched is a pointer to its future plans.

Explaining the rationale behind the introduction of the new features Marissa Mayer from Google mentioned "The race in search is far from over and innovation and continued improvement is absolutely pivotal."

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Our Comments

Google surprises (or rather bedazzles) us with the cool stuff that comes out from their labs. Google Squared for example is astonishing from a data point of view since it manages to format the data in rows and columns, making it ideal for a database. Google is constantly innovating and hopes that this will be enough to stay ahead of its competitors.

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