Verizon Cans Blackberry Storm Update

Users of Verizon Wireless network who happen to own Blackberry Storm may need to extend their wait for the latest update for their mobile handsets as the slated firmware, update version, Storm OS 0.141, has failed to pass the requisite tests.

With the proposed update unlikely to see the light of the day anytime soon, many Verizon’s Storm users will have to live with the issues that they have been currently experiencing with their handsets.

Currently Verizon's Storm uses version which apparently was released way back in December 2008 and has a history of complaints from users.

Many users still complain of experiencing issues such as device locking while they try to type out a message on their handsets while issues related to its external speaker are also common and these complaints are unlikely to help the cause of Verizon which may end up losing some of its valued subscribers, if such issues persist.

With complaints growing with each passing day, it makes sense for Research in Motion, the manufacturer of Blackberry Storm and Verizon Wireless to work together in resolving their customers issue and come up with a bug free update as soon as possible.

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Our Comments

The Storm is already on the way out as Blackberry prepares the new Storm 2. However Verizon and RIM could have done an effort to make sure that their customers manage to get the firmware up and running. The Storm has been hit by issues ever since its launch and hopefully, RIM will learn from all those issues.

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