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Asus To Debut Seashell Laptop With Removable Battery?

Even Asus is hours away from launching the EEE PC Seashell 1008HA, its ultra cheap answer to Apple's Macbook Air, the Taiwanese manufacturer could well be planning an update which will solve one of its most pressing issues.

The 1008HA has a non removable battery which means that if you want to replace it because it is defective or you want one with more capacity, you'd be out of luck. Fortunately, Asus may have the solution through the EEE PC 1005HAB which has appeared on the company's support website.

Some online retailers like German-based are already offering it on pre-order, citing a 5-6 weeks delay. The device, which costs 349 Euros (around £310), has exactly the same configuration than the 1008HA. The only difference being that it is slightly thicker and weighs 300g more than the Seashell.

Asus is also about to launch its PC-in-a-Keyboard otherwise known as the EEE Keyboard which, we thought, had much in common with Apple's own Mac keyboard with its low-profile anodized aluminium frame and those cute, tiny low profile keys. Expect it to become available next month.

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Our Comments

Asus has been one of the more proactive actors on the market and is the original creator of the Netbook after all. Although the company did say that it was going to cut down on the number of EEE models, truth is that there has never been so many till now.

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