Asus Launching EEE PC Seashell 1008HA Tomorrow On The Beach

Asus will be launching its new Macbook Air like netbook, the EEE PC Seashell, tomorrow near Tottenham Court Road and is also set to launch a number of other EEE related products in the next few weeks.

The Taiwanese company has been using the power of Twitter to capture the imagination of potential customers and will be giving four free Seashell netbooks to Twitterers who subscribe to their @asusuk feed at random.

An artificial beach (the Asus beach) will be laid out and punters can come and have their photos taken between 10am and 14am. After a vote, the most popular photo will win another Seashell netbook.

The 1008HA is one of a number of Macbook Air rivals that are coming to the British market and is certainly one of the more promising ones.

Inspired by the sleek shape of the humble seashell, it is a sleek netbook with a 10-inch LED screen, an Atom N280 processor, 1GB RAM, 160GB hard disk space, a multi touch iPhone like touchpad, Windows XP and MS Works.

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Our Comments

Can't wait to get our hands on one of these actually. Compared to the MSI X320 and X340, it is cheaper and almost as powerful. The battery though could well be a concern, it is a non replaceable model and could well be a big issue after 24 months of use. Bit Tech says that the glossy finish is actually the main disappointment because of the fact that it gets dirty so quickly.

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