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Vodafone Eliminates Roaming Charges For 90 Days

Mobile network operator Vodafone has announced that it will waive roaming charges for all its customers regardless on whether they are on a PAYG or a monthly contract tariff.

The offer though will last only for 90 days, from the beginning of June to the end of August. During that period, Vodafone customers will be able to send text, call and send MMS messages across 35 European countries and 10 others worldwide.

Vodafone has also announced that it would be slashing the cost of international calls made from UK-based mobile phones.

There are chances that Vodafone will continue to give free roaming over summer months and - something many would want - forever, across all European Countries. Customers though will need to subscribe to the Vodafone's free Passport scheme.

For those who haven't done it already, text the word "Passport" to 97888 for monthly contracts or "2345" for pay as you go. Otherwise, try registering on Vodafone's website.

Vodafone users won't be able to enjoy data usage abroad though; these will still be subjected to roaming charges

At least one other network, 3, has decided to discontinue its free roaming service. From the 1st of July 2009, the Hutchinson Whampoa owned network will cease "3 like home" which many used for data and voice in Austria, Australia, Denmark, Italy, Ireland and Sweden.

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Vodafone will also be dropping the price of calls for its Pay as you go customers to as little as 5p per minute to both landlines and mobile phones. The company is looking to differentiate itself from its other competitors by cutting out expensive roaming costs. 3 has already introduced free Skype access on all its mobiles but you won't be able to use it while roaming.

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