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70,000 HP Laptop Batteries Recalled Over Fire Risks

Computer maker HP has decided to immediately recall nearly 70,000 batteries which incidentally were shipped with several models of its HP Pavilion and Compaq Presario laptops after reports two complaints of flaming batteries were reported.

HP is closely working with the US Consumer Product Safety Commission(CPSC) in order to rectify the situation and has alerted consumers who may possibly be a part of the recall to immediately remove the battery from their systems and then contact it to check if their system is affected.

Once the company verifies a specific battery is affected it would issue a free replacement battery to the customer. Commenting on the situation a CPSC report mentions “There were two separate reports of batteries that "overheated and ruptured, resulting in flames/fire that caused minor property damage but no injuries”

The recall of batteries by HP, which also happens to be largest computer vendor in the world, throws up crucial question about consumer safety and the quality of tests its products undergo before they are introduced in the market.

Sony did recall more than 100,000 batteries last year after fears that some of them may carry a fire hazard while back in March, an Apple Macbook laptop exploded in a London firm prompting fears of a malfunctioning epidemic.

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Our Comments

The incident reminds us of the series of battery-related issues that affected Sony and Dell laptops in the past and caused both companies to recall their products at the cost of millions of dollars. Of course, a few months ago, NTT Docomo said that they would stop selling RIM Blackberry Bold smartphones... because of overheating batteries.

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