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Blackberry Storm 2 Pictures Emerge On The Web

Security at Research In Motion must be pretty lax as someone managed to take several snapshots of RIM's forthcoming flashing touchscreen smartphone, the Blackberry Storm 2.

Crackberry and Engadget both have closeup pictures of the device which seems to have been taken by the same person. The new Storm 2 appears to be thinner than its predecessor and sports Truepress rather than the much maligned Surepress interface.

From the pictures, we can also guess that WiFi has been included, the 3.2-megapixel camera has been kept whilst the inclusion of any form of flash has been ruled out. The "proper" buttons found on the original Storm have been replaced by what seems to be touch sensitive ones.

Storm MK1 was released only 7 months ago and from what we can see, RIM has been working hard on a replacement/substitute ever since which means that the Storm 2 could be out as early as next summer.

The photos also show that the left hand side of the device only house a micro USB port and a power button. Engadget is also saying that the Storm 2 will be running much faster and smoother than ever before, which is great (or else Stephen Fry could well lambast it again).

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Our Comments

The new Storm looks very much like the old Storm. Hopefully, Blackberry will not make the same mistakes and will be more cautious about making sure that the software issues it encountered with the first version will be ironed out. Also, it is not known whether Vodafone is going to keep the exclusivity of the Storm especially as it is rumoured that the company may also get the Pre.

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