iPhone Boot Camp London

We have updated the Early Bird Discount. It is now £661.00 until May 21. Our standard rate applicable after May 21 is now £1,120.00

The London iPhone Boot Camp is a Three Day Intensive workshop limited to fifteen develoers that get together to learn how to develop iPhone Apps.

It's part seminar, part hackathon, part workshop, fueled by vast quantities of pizza, fish and chips and Red Bull and six hour power drink - all in the quest for the next killer iPhone app. The next iPhone Boot Camp in London is May 29-31, from 10 a.m - 6 p.m, a full 24 hours of training.

The three day intensive workshop phone from 10am-6pm will cover the fundamentals and advanced feature of iPhone development, enough material that you should be able to develop your own iPhone application and upload it to the AppStore.

The workshop is limited in size and features hands on exercises under the supervision of the instructor and teaching assistants. To register for the iPhone Boot Camp Three Day Intensive workshop go to: http://londoniphone.eventbrite.com/