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Orange Figures Show Massive Rise In Mobile Broadband

It seems that increasingly more and more customers prefer mobile broadband over traditional forms of internet access with the sales of mobile broadband dongles registering a stellar increase of over 500 percent according to a report published by telecom provider Orange.

The Digital Media Index report published by Orange aims at analysing the trends in consumption on digital media and related products. Among some of the striking revelation made in the report is the astounding increase of 4125 percent in data usage via mobile dongles, most of which are mainly used on notebooks.

Following the exceptional growth trend, even mobile handset data usage too registered a hundred percent jump over the previous year.

Explaining the findings of the report, Paul Jevons, from Orange mentioned "The Orange Digital Media Index shows that the mobile data era and an explosion in the number of mobile applications and new embedded laptops will boost mobile data demand even further in the coming months."

The report also throws some light on the possible reasons that may have lead to this sharp jump and some of these include frequent usage of social networking sites, music and application downloads and the growing demand for mobile entertainment services.

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Our Comments

The rise is spectacular to say the least and augurs well for the future of mobile computing in United Kingdom. More mobile users will mean cheaper prices as well although unlimited data transfers, as it is the case for fixed line connections, is very unlikely to happen. Oddly, Orange is not the most attractive or aggressive player in the market.

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