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UK Startup Released Multi Coloured Ebook Reader Rival To Amazon's Kindle

It seems that Amazon’s Kindle e-book reader may be up for some serious competition in a near future with the UK based company Interead launching a sophisticated range of e-book readers in attractive colours.

The new product which is incidentally is called the Cool-er E-book reader comes preloaded with a collection of thousands of digital books and it is taking competition right onto Amazon’s doorstep.

Interead also has launched an accompanying site and is working on a sales pipeline that will help it acquire content in an effective manner.

Explaining the concept behind the introduction of the product, Neil Jones who founded Interead mentioned "Cool-er has been designed to fit the requirements of a reader. They want it to be portable, light, to fit in a jacket pocket or purse, and they want it to do what they want to do in a simple manner."

Though few analysts argue that it would be difficult for Interead to manage a significant volume in the e-book reader market which is currently being dominated by Sony and Amazon, there are chances that these snazzy gadget may find its own niche in quick time.

Incidentally the Cool-er E-book reader is priced attractively at $249 while Amazon offers the Kindle 2 at $379 a piece. You can follow on Twitter @itproportal.

Our Comments

Hopefully, the Cool-er e-book reader will be sold for under £200 which will make it a proper competitor to the Kindle which is not yet available in the UK. Few details have emerged of this rather attractive device but if looks count, then the Cool-er reader is the nearest thing on the market to an iPod (nano) version of the Kindle or Sony's e-reader.

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