5 Free Or Sub £5 PAYG Mobile Phones When You Top Up

The recession has had a massive impact on the way mobile phone networks tackle the lowest segment of the market, the ultra-cheap PAYG section.

If you are a Virgin Media customer, you can get either grab a Nokia 2600, a Nokia 2680 or a Lobster 621 with a mere £20 top up. Alternatively you can snap the very attractive LG Shine for £40. There is a limit of two phones per customers and you will have to pay a £4.88 delivery charge per order (not per phone). This offer is not available online. You will have to call Virgin Media and ask for the offer to the salesperson.

If you are planning to fly to Europe in the next few months and don't want to risk your brand new mobile phone, get yourself a Nokia 1650 Black on Vodafone from e2save.com. Pay only £20 topup and you get the phone for free with no delivery charges to pay.

Vodafone will cancel roaming charges in more than 35 countries for 90 days starting from the beginning of June 2009. The 1650 is a basic mobile phone, comes with a currency converter, a rado and even a flash light.

Carphone Warehouse has a number of sub £5 mobile phones available when you bought with £10 airtime. The Alcatel OT E227 mobile phone is a clamshell model that comes with all the basics and a colour screen. There's a vibrating alert and the design reminds us of all Motorola clamshell phones.

It was released last October and would surely suit fashionistas. You can also choose the more traditional Nokia 1112 which is on Virgin Media or the Sony Ericsson J132 which is also on Virgin Media.

Mobiles2yourdoor sells the Motorola W156 PAYG mobile phones for £14.85 including a £10 Top Up. The phone has only basic features but is a sturdy model. It is only 85g and is only 14mm thick. There's an organiser, three games, a black LED screen and has built-in hands free application. The mobile phone is locked on Virgin Mobile.