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Top 6 UK Netbook Bargains From £99.97

Three months ago, we published a buyer guide to UK's best netbooks. It has been, by far, our most read article. Since then, prices have gone up and stunningly good looking laptops like the Asus EEE PC 1008HA and the 1005HA have been launched.

Netbooks have struck a chord with the overwhelming majority of consumers and sold millions over the past few months, a rather impressive feat given the current bleak economic condition.

It showed, if needs be, that not everybody needs a fast laptop with a big 15-inch screen to get things done. We've gathered another 6 netbooks that, we believe, fit the bill when it comes to the best bargains on the market as it stands right now.

(1) Asus Eee PC 900

If your budget is around £150, you might want to have a look at the Asus EEE PC 900 netbook which comes with an intermediate 8.9-inch monitor that can display 1024x600 pixels.

Other specifications include an Intel Celeron processor - no Atom - 1GB RAM, 16GB SSD, a webcam, Linux and a card reader. The PC 900 also comes with a complementary sleeve and weighs only 990g. Argos sells it for a mere £169.99, significantly less than elsewhere.

(2) Dell Inspiron Mini 10v

The Inspiron Mini 10v has just been launched by Dell at £199 including VAT and delivery. What makes it special is the fact that it is the cheapest Netbook with a 10-inch screen available on the market. It is a WLED display and can display 1024x576 pixels.

Powered by Ubuntu and an Atom Processor, the Mini 10v also comes with 1GB RAM backed by an 8GB Solid State Drive with the whole thing covered by a one year collect and return warranty.

Dell has also partnered with to give 2GB online storage to its customers. There's also a more expensive version of the Mini10v which includes more storage capacity as well as Windows XP Home.

(3) Compaq Mini 702EA PC

The Compaq Mini 702EA is certainly one of the best looking netbooks around. The only anomaly we could find would be the touchpad buttons on both sides. HP is selling this laptop for only £249 with a possible 10 percent discount if you save the page (you may try the code HPSHARE at checkout).

The 702EA has an Atom N270 processor, 1GB RAM, a 60GB hard disk drive, a card reader, Bluetooth, a 10.2-inch LED display, Windows XP SP3, a webcam and Altec Lansing speakers. The 702EA, which weighs only 1.02Kg, comes with one year warranty.

(4) Advent 4211

For those who don't care about whether an item is refurbished or not, the Advent 4211 could well be an excellent bargain. At £199.99 at PC World with free delivery, this netbook has all the best bits.

This includes the ubiquitous Intel Atom processor, an ample 10.2-inch LCD screen, 1GB RAM, 80GB hard disk drive, Bluetooth, Webcam, Windows XP, all weighing less than 1.12Kg. Only the smaller hard disk drive could put off buyers but otherwise, this is a fantastic bargain if stocks do not run out quickly.

(5) EPC MiniBook

Play's most popular netbook is this EPC MiniBook which costs only £119.99 delivered. The technology behind the MiniBook is at least a decade old but does the job. At the heart of the device is a 400MHz Xburst CPU, which is similar, speedwise, to the ones found in many PDA and smartphone.

There's 128MB RAM, 2GB Flash memory and a 7-inch LCD monitor that displays 800x480 pixels. The system comes with Linux and a slew of other applications. Other features include a SD card reader and wireless networking, all squeezed in a 650g, yes 650g, package.

(6) Asus EEE PC 2GB White

If you can live with a refurbished item, then why not grab this netbook, the cheapest in the UK, which comes with a full one year warranty. Available at Laptopdirect for a staggeringly low £99.97, this is the original the EEE PC and weighs under 930g.

Available with a 7-inch screen (which displays 800 x 480 pixels), 512MB RAM, 2GB SSD, a Webcam, 802.11g WiFi, an Intel Celeron M processor and Linux operating system. This is the perfect system if your budget is limited and if you don't mind the tiny screen.

You can read our review of the original EEE PC here. We certainly advise you to buy an 8GB SD Card to boost the onboard memory. Asus says that the Asus EEE PC will run for 3.5 hours but we'd say that this is quite optimist given the fact that it is a refurbished one.

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