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PURE Launches iPhone-ready Sirocco 150 DAB microsystem

PURE has launched a brand new DAB microsystem, the Sirocco 150 that is not only compatible with the iPhone (and the uber-popular iPod series) but also sports a nifty DAB tuner.

Of course, PURE doesn't have much to refuse to almighty Apple. After all, PURE is part of Imagination Technology, a company in which Apple had purchased a 3.6 percent stake back in December 2008.

The Sirocco 150 is a great looking microsystem with DAB and FM Radio, CD, SD and USB connectivity and a standalone iPhone/iPod dock. The device will also play MP3 and WMA files and with a 25w RMS rating powering 4-inch mid-bass drivers and 1.5-inch tweeters, it should deliver a powerful punch. No support for AAC (strange!) or Ogg Vorbis.

The Sirocco 150 also comes with a remote control, a stereo headphone socket, a sleep timer and an alarm. Expect it to be on sale from June for £150, by which time, it will still be the first Apple certified "Works with iPhone" system.

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There are a number of other similar products currently on the market but few match the Sirocco 150 breadth of features. The Philips MCM398D can be had for as little as £130 and has an output power rating of 100w RMS.

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