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Speed Camera Brings In £1 Million In Five Months

A temporary speed camera installed to catch motorists racing through a roadworks site in London has generated a whopping £1 million in form of fines in just five months since its installation.

The speed camera, which was installed to monitor vehicles on the busy A316 Country Way in Hanworth, southwest London, was catching around an average 100 motorists in a day, and ended up catching as many as 16,213 motorists in the period of five months.

With each driving offence costing around £60 as penalty and three penalty points, fines worth £972,780 and 50,000 penalty points have reportedly been issued using the device between June and November last year.

The camera was installed next to roadworks to enforce 30mph limit on the road, which generally has a limit of 50mph and used by many coming into and out of London via the M3.

Works at the roadworks site involved mending the signage and different road markings, placing more street lighting along with waterproofing and other such tasks.

A spokesperson for the Camera Partnership in Kent said in a statement, “We remain very concerned that so many motorists disregard the temporary speed limits on roadworks sites, and we issued more tickets on roadworks in the last financial year than in the previous twelve months”.