TalkTalk Addresses Tiscali Users Queries

Since the news of acquisition of Tiscali by their rival TalkTalk hit the blogosphere, existing Tiscali users have really been concerned about their service contracts and raised a number of questions about the change in services.

Responding to the concerns of Tiscali users, Wendy Becker, managing director at TalkTalk, asserted that the acquisition of Tiscali was an exciting time for both the companies as they go ahead to finalise the last elements of the deal, which is said to be completed by the end of next month, if EU approves it.

In a blog post, Ms Becker addressed some of the common questions that have emerged since the news about the acquisition surfaced and commented on whether Tiscali TV subscribers would continue to use the services, the platform was said to “continue as normal”.

When asked about whether Phorm will be rolled out to TalkTalk customers, Ms Becker responded by saying that the service isn’t available to TalkTalk users as of now, with any such introduction of the service will be communicated well in advance.

In addition, Ms Becker notified that all the contracts with Tiscali will continue to remain binding after the takeover and billing is said to remain normal, with any change in it will be communicated in advance.