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British Scientists Unveiled ‘Air-Fuelled’ Battery, Offers Better Storage Capacity

Paving way for the next generation electronic devices, such as mobile phones and laptops as well as electric cars, a group of British scientists unveiled the world’s first ever battery that runs on air.

The revolutionary battery, codenamed as ‘STAIR’ (St Andrews Air), includes an open mesh section that draws oxygen from surroundings for recharging itself. This oxygen then reacts with carbon inside the cells to create more energy and keep the cell charged for a longer period of time.

In addition to being fuel-efficient, the battery claims to offer 10 times the storage capacity of conventional cells and is also said to be comparatively cheaper and lighter.

Chemistry professor Peter Bruce, who is leading this ambitious £1.5 million project to develop an air-fuelled battery, asserted that the battery could be available within five years.

“Our results so far have far exceeded our expectations”, said Bruce. “The key is to use oxygen in the air as a re-agent, rather than carry the necessary chemicals around inside the battery”, he added.

Quoting the benefits of the small size of this air-fuelled battery, Bruce asserted that its compact size would also help to bring down the weight of electric cars to a great extent