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eBay Fraudster Ordered To Pay Back £102,000

An eBay scammer, who tricked many online customers across the globe into buying substandard electronic goods, has been ordered to pay back over £100,000 in damages to the affected people.

Jonathan Hartley, who is currently serving an 18-month jail sentence under charges of fraud and scam, was ordered by Preston Crown Court to pay back £102,206.04 as compensation to the victims by 31st July, or serve an extra one year in jail.

Hartley reportedly made over £140,000 from selling substandard electronics goods through the online auction platform eBay, and was caught after Lancashire police looked into complaints from many countries.

The police took around nine months to track the scammer in Nelson, Lancashire, as he was working through several accomplices using 11 eBay accounts.

Since many of Hartley’s customers were hit by small sums, police were able to track down 34 definite victims only, but believed that the count could be in thousands.

A local news portal Pendel Today quoted the police saying that the verdict sends out a strong message to the individuals involved in similar types of scams and should discourage scammers to a great extent.

Responding to the issue, an eBay spokesperson asserted that the buyers must use a PayPal account to avoid getting trapped by scammers like Hartley.