Prince Charles Hails The Internet As A “Vital Tool”

While addressing the annual Google Zeitgeist conference, the Prince of Wales hailed the web as a “vital tool” that can prove to be extremely useful in addressing the issue of climate change.

The heir to the throne asserted that the issue of climate change could only be met effectively when every individual on the planet would start making eco-friendly choices.

In his keynote speech, Prince Charles stated that for a safer and secure planet, the world would have to bring upon crucial changes in the way it operated so far, and called for an “an extensive programme to inform and challenge the thinking of everyone on the planet”.

Commenting upon the power of the internet, he said in a statement, “The power of the internet is growing exponentially. While the problems the globe faces are greater than ever before, perhaps we do have the most effective tool in history to overcome them”.

He further heralded the capability of the internet to help diverse communities to come together and make their contribution in addressing the grave problem of climate change. Moreover, Charles has already started to build his online community to support his efforts to save rainforests across the planet.