Workaholics Use Laptops And Smartphones In Bed, Says Survey

In a survey of its own kind, it has been revealed that as much as a quarter of Brits take their smartphones or laptops to bed to work in bed.

The survey, conducted by a data security firm Credant Technologies, claimed that “a staggering number of obsessed workers” are using their laptops in bed, causing utter annoyance for their partners.

In addition, 57 percent of the people surveyed admitted to using laptops in bed for between 2 and 6 hours every week, and their bed partners, unsurprisingly, found their obsession with the devices ‘a very annoying habit’.

Moreover, eight percent of the people questioned admitted to spending more time on their mobile devices during the evening, than talking to their partners, while 4 percent said that they usually check emails just before going to bed.

More than half of the respondents said they were continuously uploading and downloading crucial corporate information using their laptops or smartphones while in bed.

Commenting upon these striking results, Vice President at Credant Technologies Michael Callahan said, “This survey confirms that there is a growing population that is no longer restricted by working hours or confined to the office building itself. People are mobile and will work anywhere - even in bed”.