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£1099.97 Samsung UE40B6000VW 40 Inch LED TV UE40B6000VWXXU

The New Species Samsung LED TV Series 6 is an ultra slim flatscreen TV at just 29.9mm width due to the beauty and style of its new Crystal TV design.

The Full HD 1080p 6000 LED TV has superior picture quality with Smart LED Lighting helping to achieve a Mega Dynamic Contrast Ratio. 100Hz Motion Plus ensures a judder free picture even in fast moving images and you can even enjoy your own photos with USB 2.0 connectivity (JPEG).

Equipped with 4 HDMI connections for easy multi-media connectivity, the 6000 series are the latest in slim, chic styling and ultra modern technology.

Full HD 1080P - Watch Blu-Ray films or play next generation consoles in the highest resolution available.

Ultra Slim Crystal TV Design - With a thickness of just under 3cm, these TV's have to be seen to be believed. And with these new lightweight designs, you can hang the TV like a picture with Samsungs new wall brackets.

Mega Contrast ratio - With a contrast ratio of 1,000,000 to 1, you don't need to be told that the colours and detail on these TV's surpass anything thats gone before.

100Hz Motion Plus - this cutting edge technology removes edge-blur, leaving your picture smooth and crisp. And your jaw on the floor.

4 HDMI Ports - With HDMI the industry standard for transferring sound and pictures between your next generation 1080p devices, you'll never need to get up and swap the cables with this many ports on one set.

Ultra Clear Panel - Tired of annoying glare getting in the way of your movie-watching? Our ultra clear panel technology enhances contrast and reduces reflection so you can enjoy an overall outstanding viewing experience without the suns bright influence.

USB 2.0 - There's even a USB port so you can view your family photo's on this crystal clear set.

You can buy this Samsung UE40B6000VW 40 Inch LED TV (opens in new tab) for £1099.97. You can also find similar deals from our online (opens in new tab) price comparator.

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