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Google Founder Talks About Company’s Future Moves

After getting integrated into lives of millions of users across the globe through its incredible search engine, online community is looking forward to what’s there in Google’s schema of things in future.

At the annual Google Zeitgeist Conference, held in Hertfordshire this week, experts from various fields, including politics, engineering and technology, came together to come up with better ways that could help in improving our society.

The search engine’s founder, Larry Page and Sergey Brin, have set up a philanthropic arm of the company, with the intent of exploring ways in which contemporary technology could be utilised for improvement of society.

In his keynote speech, Page said, “I’m very optimistic about the things that can be fundamentally improved in the world through technology. It has the power to change things”.

Page talked about several key areas the company is planning to touch in the foreseeable future. These areas include Disease Tracking, Home Appliances, Self Driving Cars, and the Internet.

The search engine giant asserted that it can actually track the spread of diseases, including swine flu or even common cold, by examining the search data carefully. Addressing the same, the company has already launched the Flu Trends website.

Along with this, Page also presented the idea of innovative home appliances, such as “Google Fridge”, which would help in managing homes better, as well as self-driving cars comprising complex navigation technology coupled with spatial sensors, which would help in minimizing road accidents to a great extent.