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Researchers Talk About New DVD That Can Hold Thousands Of Films

A consortium of researchers is claiming that new advanced data discs that can store 10,000 times more than the existing DVDs could go on sale within five years down the line.

A team of researchers from Swinburne University of Technology in Australia claimed that by employing nanoparticle technology and integrating a “polarisation” dimension to current discs, storage capacity of discs could be overwhelmingly enhanced without bringing any change in size of existing discs.

The researchers, who have already penned an agreement with Samsung Electronics, asserted that their new disc can store 1.6 terabytes of data, with the storage capacity could raise to 10 terabytes within ten years.

In a research finding published in the journal Nature, researchers accounted this extra space to the ability to store data onto two new aspects of disc, namely colour and polarisation.

Professor Min Gu, who is leading this astonishing research in Melbourne, intends to finally come up with discs that could store as much information as 200,000 DVDs.

Quoting the use of nanoparticle technology in boosting the storage capacity of discs, Prof Gu said in a statement, “We were able to show how nano-structured material can be incorporated on to a disc to increase data capacity without increasing the size of the disc”.