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Smartphones Continue To Shine Despite An Overall Plunge In Mobile Phone Sales, Says Gartner Mobile handset sales plunged notabl

Mobile handset sales plunged notably in the first quarter of this year as consumers purchased 25 million fewer handsets than in the same period a year ago, but smartphones sales continued soaring up in spite of the deepening recession, according to the analyst firm Gartner.

In its quarterly study of the cellphone market, Gartner found that the overall sales of handsets declined considerably by 8.6 percent in the first quarter of the year, touching a new historic low of 269.1 million units in terms of sales volume.

On the other hand, smartphone market saw an impressive rise in sales during the same period, registering a remarkable 12.7 percent rise to 36 million units from first quarter of 2008.

Nokia continues to dominate the handset industry with a whopping 36.2 percent market share; however, its sales too were dropped by 3 percent to 97.4 million units from 115.2 million units sold in the same period a year back. Samsung with 51.4 million units snares the second spot, followed by LG with 26.5 million, Motorola with 16.6 million, and Sony Ericsson with 14.5 million units.

Moreover, Nokia was also leading the smartphone segment, with a market share of 41.2 percent and selling around 15 million units in the first quarter. Nokia was followed by Research in Motion, Apple, HTC, and Fujitsu. Incidentally, Apple’s share in smartphones domain were more than doubled, rose from 5.3 percent to 10.8 percent.