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£199 Dell Inspiron Mini 10v Netbook 1GB 8GB 10" Ubuntu Delivered

The Mini 10 and Mini 10v are everything you want in a mobile companion and more. They may be small, but you’ll be surprised by all the fun features packed inside.

Be productive with a keyboard 92% the size of a traditional laptop keyboard. Enjoy a beautiful veiw with a seamless display surface and 16:9 aspect ratio. Stay connected with advanced wireless options.

The InspironTM Mini 10 and Mini 10v are everything you want in a mobile companion and much more. Their highly portable, sharp design is complete with excellent wireless and entertainment features, making the Mini 10 and Mini 10v exactly what you’re looking for in a best friend. And with 6 color options and 5 artist designs, you can customise your companion at a price that is more than satisfying.

A bright 10.1", seamless widescreen display surface with a 16:9 aspect ratio is designed to present websites without lots of left-right scrolling, as well as with a smoother line of sight.

The Inspiron Mini 10 and Mini 10v make it even easier to stay connected to your world wherever you go. The new internal 802.11b/g WiFi connection brings you wireless technology as well as optional Bluetooth® 2.1.

And the Inspiron Mini 10 and Mini 10v’s small, virtually weightless design lets you travel light while keeping up with your blog, video chat, instant messenger and email so that you never lose touch with your family and friends.

You can buy this Dell Inspiron Mini 10v Netbook for £199. You can also find similar deals from our online price comparator.

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