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Scottish Teacher Faces Sack Over Inappropriate Twitter Use

A secondary school teacher based in Argyll and Bute, Scotland, is being investigated by the local council after she was found to be twittering about her students up to 20 times a day.

The unnamed teacher now faces disciplinary action after it emerged that she used Twitter, which is a public domain microblogging web service, to criticise her management and the school's headmaster.

She also mused about excluded pupils, classes of pupils with Asperger's syndrome as well as motivation, on average once every 40 minutes (ed: she may soon have more time on her hands). The Twitter account appears to have been blocked for now.

The Telegraph reports that one parent was angry about the behaviour of the teacher saying that she could identify half the children that were mentioned in the teacher's twitter posts.

A council spokeswoman said in a statement that "Social networking sites are blocked in all schools as policy. The teacher in question is not facing disciplinary action, although the council is looking into the matter."

Intriguingly, Argyll and Bute council has a policy of blocking a number of websites including Twitter (and possibly Facebook) which means that the teacher may have used her mobile phone to update her Twitter account.

and join more than 1400 other followers.

Our Comments

There are probably dozens of teachers who discuss about their work and how their feel over the internet and on Twitter as well as many other social networking websites. The problem though is that the teacher appears to have made the comment while at work and that she used the website as a way to vent her frustrations about her work.

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