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THQ Offers Gold-Plated Wii Console To Queen Elizabeth

Game Publisher THQ has offered a free gold-plated Nintendo Wii console to Queen Elizabeth as part of the marketing campaign of the BIG Family games series.

In comparison, President Obama gave the Queen a bog-standard Apple iPod player preloaded with a few songs. According to THQ product manager Danielle Robinson, BIG Family games is "the ultimate Wii game to get all family members, from grandparents to young children, playing together." The game allows users to play golf, tennis, ladder golf, lawn darts or horseshoes as well as 20 other games.

Hopefully, the Queen who has started Twittering back in March, visited Google and Youtube's UK Headquarters and unveiled a new Royal website in February could well become a game icon for a generation of elderly gamers. After all, the Queen is apparently playing with her children and grand-children, then it must be culturally acceptable to do so.

She already has a Wii Console though which was gifted to her by her grandson, Prince William, last Christmas. The Golden Wii console, embellished by Gold Genie, will cost you £499 excluding VAT and delivery, roughly three times the usual cost. It comes with matching (Golden) Wiimote and Nunchuck.

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Our Comments

Most of us in the office do not have one (preferring either a PS3 or the Xbox 360) but we did come up with a fairly good April fool involving the revered game console and the NHS.

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