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Sprint's Palm Pre Internal Business Document Leaked

A member of PreCentral forums, a website which brings fans of Palm's Pre Smartphone, has leaked the Pre Launch guide which was intended for Sprint internal use only.

The 1MB file shows, over 23 pages, how the device will be able to compete more than effectively against Apple's iPhone which is available on competing network, AT&T. The document also compares the Pre against a number of other competitors including T-Mobile's G1 and the Blackberry Storm.

Sprint will be launching the Pre on June the 6th in the US with release dates in other regions worldwide still an uncertainty. In the UK, O2 is expected to get the exclusivity for the handset and release it ahead of the Christmas festive season.

The internal document - which carried a strict warning over the fact that its improper leakage could lead to termination - provides with a wealth of information that would be impossible to condense in a few hundred words.

Interestingly, the Treo Pro, not the Palm Pre, will be pushed as the more enterprise-centric handset of the family (page 12 of the document) especially if the company have specific security and manageability requirements for mobile devices?

Price Plans for the Pre will start from $69.99 for individual consumers with 450 minutes up to £99.99 per month which gives you unlimited anytime minutes. Furthermore, the Sprint/Pre combination "smokes the competition" according to Sprint which compared it to AT&T/iPhone, Verizon Storm and T-Mobile G1.

The comparison was skewed though with some of the features choosen (Live TV or Exclusive NASCAR content) being slightly irrelevant. But Pre's main advantage point could be its total cost of ownership, which Sprint says, could mean savings of up to $475 compared to the three other competing US phone carriers.

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Our Comments

Like someone on Engadget commented, it is strange that Apple documents are never leaked. This is clearly a marketing document aimed at front line staff. The comparison though may not hold for long as (a) rival networks start slashing contract prices and (b) new models like the iPhone 2009, Magic and Storm 2 are introduced.

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