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32GB Apple iPhone Confirmed By Separate Leaks

A 32GB Apple iPhone is now a quasi-certainty after leaks from two separate sources, one in America and one in Europe, gave even more credits to this pseudo rumour.

AT&T has a website where customers are able to trade in their handsets to get a new Blackberry Bold smartphone. One of the options in the pull down menu included a 32GB iPhone which is valued by AT&T at $335 when in excellent condition.

A 16GB iPhone 1st Generation would fetch a rather sizable $205. The tip was first revealed by Phonearena and at the time of writing, four days later, the link and details are still up on AT&T's website.

Then there's also the fact that a placeholder for the new Apple iPhone featuring 32GB appeared on the Austrian T-Mobile website. Canadian network operator Roger also said that a new iPhone would come in July/August but did not mention any other specifications.

Amongst the other Apple iPhone rumours that have been flying around the internet, aside from more storage, include more RAM, a faster processor, better battery life, a matte black back (à la Palm Pré), an OLED screen and a better camera.

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The new iPhone is only a few days away now. Apple's Worldwide Developer Conference will probably bring the most eagerly awaited iPhone till now because the Apple smartphone will have to face its fiercest rivals ever. There were no Storm, Android, Pré or Windows 6.5 last year and there will probably be dozens of other iPhone substitute by the end of the year.

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