£40 per month HTC Touch Diamond 2 1200 min, 500 text, Internet

The HTC Touch Diamond 2 arranges your conversations by people, not just by how you speak with them. When looking at your contacts, you now can see a history of your conversation in whatever form it took place.

It doesn’t matter if you get asked about a recent email while you are talking on the phone, or if you’re in a café reminiscing about a friend’s recent text – all your interactions are neatly laid out for viewing and follow-up in a tree of communication with that person.

One indisputable fact about smartphones … a big screen on a small phone is good. That’s why we’ve stretched the display on the Touch Diamond2 to its very limits, while still keeping the same compact size.

Enjoy videos, websites, photos and any other images on the ultra sharp wide screen display. The high resolution screen will reveal every minute detail in the most vivid way.

These days, a phone is one of the few items that never leaves our side. It not only helps us keep connected with friends, business partners and world events, it also helps complement who we are.

The Touch Diamond2 is your perfect companion in both the way it helps you keep in the loop and the way it accentuates your sense of style.

This deal is available from Carphone Warehouse and carries a two year contract. In the bundle, you will get 1200 minutes, 500 text, unlimited landline and 500MB internet.

You can buy this HTC Touch Diamond 2 for £40 per month. You can also find similar deals from our online price comparator.