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£804.99 HP Touchsmart IQ512 All-In-One Desktop with Integral 22-inch screen

Want simple, easy-touch access to information, social networks, music, photos, videos, e-mail, TV? The convenience of connecting via webcam?

Check out our slim and stylish, next-generation TouchSmart IQ500t series PC with multi-touch capability, which will look "at home" in any room of your home.

Once you start working, listening to music, editing photos and videos, checking e-mail, and watching TV from your kitchen or family room, you'll never go back.

Your digital life at your fingertips. Get quick, easy touch-screen access to information, entertainment, and social networks. Multi-touch capability simplifies access to photos, videos, music, and applications with the HP TouchSmart software.

Powerful Core 2 Duo all-in-one PC with 4GB RAM, 500GB hard disk, 22" touchscreen display, integral webcam, TV tuner, wireless LAN & Bluetooth. HP factory remanufactured stock, boxed like new

Full one year HP "collect and return" warranty, Same service and support as a brand new machine, Massive savings off normal list price. All original software bundle


Slim, stylish, next-generation PC

Plug and play with a single power cord

Go wireless with the wireless keyboard and integrated WLAN2

Stow the keyboard when not in use to free up desk space

Tilt the screen for maximum viewing comfort

Set a mood in the room and see your keyboard in the dark with the HP Ambient Light feature

Accent your décor with the sleek, piano-black design with espresso-toned side-panels

You can buy this HP Touchsmart IQ512 for £804.99. You can also find similar deals from our online price comparator.

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