Home Secretary Buys £242 iPhone For Husband

UK's Home Secretary Jacqui Smith claimed £240 in taxpayer funded expenses to purchase an Apple iPhone for her husband, who works as a manger at her constituency office in Redditch, according to reports.

Ms Smith bought the handset for her husband Richard Timney, and subsequently started claiming expenses to cover the cost of both their monthly mobile phone bills, claiming that around 90 percent of the calls made using the phone were related to work, the Daily Telegraph reported.

Furthermore, Mr Timney had already embarrassed his wife earlier, when the reports surfaced that the cost of a couple of pornographic movies he watched at home had been mentioned in one of her expenses claims.

In a letter to the Commons fees office back in January last year, Ms Smith mentioned: “Until now I have not claimed for the use of my mobile phone, nor that of Richard Timney. I should like to claim for both phones from now on and backdate the claim to the start of this financial year”.

She further went on to say that around 90 percent of the calls made using the phone were work-related, and therefore she was claiming back £242.10 out of the £268 she paid for the handset.

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Our Comments

Cheeky Jacqui, she could have purchased a £5 phone for her husband but instead chose to go for the more expensive, posher version. That said, I would be glad to know where did she managed to get a £262 iPhone. Did she get any specific discounts from O2? Lucky Jacqui.

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