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HP Introduces Two New Uber Cheap Mini Netbooks

HP has added two new members to its growing family of netbooks - The Mini 110 and the Mini 1101 however target two different audiences altogether.

The Mini 110, also known as Compaq 110c in the UK, comes either with Windows XP or Linux and is available in consumer friendly colours; that's pink chic ad black/white swirl for you and me.

As the 1101 is the business version of the netbook - available only in black - and comes either with Windows XP (pro or home) or Vista.

Physically, both models are identical; measuring 25mm thick and weighing a mere 2.33 pounds (around 1.1Kg), the new Mini series is equipped with an Intel Atom processor, 1GB RAM, a 160GB hard disk drive or a 32GB SSD plus a 92 percent keyboard.

The Linux version of the Mini 110 also known as the Mi Edition, will come with up to 2GB RAM and up to 250GB hard disk drive.

An optional Broadcom Crystal HD Enhanced Video Accelerator, available in July, will allow the netbook to stream 1080p HD content. It will be available for Windows XP although HP did not say whether it will be available for Linux.

But the device's screen only displays 1024x576 pixels on a 10.1-inch diagonal and there are no HDMI ports in the spec list. There's the usual GMA950 graphics submodule with a VGA output. The rest of the specifications is pretty much standard. WiFi connectivity, Autosync software and 3 or 6-cell battery support.

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The Mini 1101 has a selling price of $329, same as the 110 XP edition while the Mi Edition costs only $279. The trio is set to launch during the first week of June 2009. No dates have been announced for a UK launch. Stay tune for more. All three netbooks will be going head to head against the Dell Mini series.

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