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The O2 Syndrome : AT&T Interested In Palm Pre Now!

AT&T's CEO, Randall Stephenson, has hinted that like its mobile phone company, like O2, might be willing to take the Palm Pre onboard as he ponders life after the iPhone.

Mr Stephension was taking questions from Walt Mossberg during an interview at the WSJ's D7 event and made it eminently clear that although he wants to see fewer platforms, the company would like a broad selection of devices.

He referred specifically to the Palm Pre saying that he would like to see the device on AT&T's network. Palm currently has an exclusive agreement with Sprint to distribute the iPhone rival in the US territory while AT&T has a similar agreement with the iPhone which ends next year.

According to a report published by, Palm will stay exclusively with Sprint until the end of 2009. The Palm Pre is currently only available as a CDMA device and AT&T would have to wait for a GSM/UMTS model before rolling it out on its network.

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Like for O2, Apple is widely expected to start selling the iPhone to other carriers as the handset has already made its marks as a crowd puller and a game changer. AT&T could also be selling the yet-to-be-announced HTC Lancaster (a Magic with a Keyboard) and the soon-to-come Palm EOS.

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