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Talktalk Launches Home Mover Package

UK's popular home broadband service provider TalkTalk has launched a new service tailored to help its users establish broadband connections when moving house.

The new service, tagged as “TalkTalk Home Mover”, considerably slashes the cost of setting up internet connections to £59.99 for new customers, down from the previous price tag of £120 charged by BT; moreover, existing customers would require paying £29.99 only for establishing their new connection.

The company further claimed that its new service would make the process of moving house far more convenient, as under erstwhile arrangement, consumers moving house to a non-cable area would first have to sign up to BT, paying hefty charges before they could switch to the ISP of their choice.

Quoting the significance of the new service, Wendy Becker, managing director of TalkTalk said in a statement, “Customers have more than enough to worry about when moving home, so we're pleased to be able to take the hassle - and a lot of the cost - out of the process of getting your home phone and broadband up and running”.

TalkTalk recently emerged as the UK's biggest home broadband service after its parent company Carphone Warehouse acquired Tiscali in a deal worth £236 million.

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Our Comments

Talktalk is taking the initiative and will very likely be amongst the major broadband provider. After having acquired Tiscali earlier this month, Carphone Warehouse seems to be tightening the loose ends.

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