£175.70 Nokia 5800 O2 Pay As You Go

Have Nokia missed the boat? After all, touchscreen mobile phones have been released by just about everybody at this stage, so surely Nokia's late initial entry into the market will have to be a bit special to grab people's attention.

Of course, there's no way Nokia is too late, as there are many potential touchscreen phone users waiting only for their device before taking the plunge!

But is it special enough to steal some customers away from Samsung, LG and perhaps even Apple in addition to the Nokia die-hards who will buy it anyway? Let's take a closer look and see exactly why this could be the case!

When you first pick up the 5800, you'll be surprised to feel it's nowhere near as wide as many of its competitors, it really feels like a regular Nokia candybar, despite the big screen and lack of keypad.

This is a considerable advantage when looking at the wide bodied iPhone 3G or Samsung Omnia, it also feels well-built and the 109 gram weight ensures it feels properly planted in your palm.

The design may not be inspired, but it's by no means unattractive, meaning you'll want to wipe the inevitable finger prints off to keep it looking nice!

You can buy this Nokia 5800 for £175.70. You can also find similar deals from our online price comparator.