5th Generation iPod Nano To Feature A Camera?

Rumours are flying around the web that about the fifth generation Apple iPod Nano player which could well be equipped with a flash-less camera.

According to Jeremy Horwitz, Editor-in-Chief at iLounge who managed to get some details from a reliable source, the new iPod Nano will have a slightly different screen ratio, changing from a 4:3 to a 3:2 one; the latter being a standard photographic aspect ratio (hence 6" x 4" snaps).

Other changes will include a smaller click wheel and the camera on the back. iLounge has also managed to produce a mock-up rendition and says that the new models could hit the stores in September, in time for the back-to-school rush.

The new 5th Generation iPod Nano as well as a number of other new Apple consumer devices - including the new iPhone - are expected to be launched next week at the company's annual worldwide developers conference in San Francisco.

The real question though is whether the iPod Nano really needs a camera right now given the fact that not even the iPod Touch, its elder brother has one. The iPod Nano doesn't even have WiFi for podcasts and syncing which would have been more appropriate.

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Our Comments

It wouldn't make sense for Apple to add a camera to the iPod Nano, except if they are planning to do it to each and every other iPod players as well, including the iPod Touch. No details have been released yet but it looks as if, Apple could be looking to add a few more unique selling points to the Pod's feature list to differentiate it from other similar devices.

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