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Adobe Launches Free Online Presentation App, Takes On Microsoft and Google

Adobe has quietly launched a new free online service called Presentations which, as its name implies, allows people to create presentations to share with others online.

The service is built using Adobe's Flash technology - you will need Flash 10 to make it happen - and Presentations will be joining Adobe's existing Buzzword online word processor and the online scale-down version of Photoshop.

Although Adobe says that Presentations is not compatible with Google Chrome, we have managed to get it running perfectly fine. As it stands the package will fit people on the move who do not want to spend hundreds of pounds on a business application suite.

Presentations' capabilities are fairly limited right now but they should be sufficient for the majority of users. Users are able to export the documents as a PDF document and Adobe has integrated its own extensive creative experience in the venture.

Microsoft has been making inroads in Adobe's traditional segments by releasing Silverlight, a direct competitor to Adobe's ubiquitous Flash, as well as the Expression Design 2 set which competes with the likes of Dreamweaver, Illustrator and Flash.

The software giant is also set to release an online version of Microsoft Office next year while Adobe has already confirmed that it will having a paid for version of the Presentations scheduled for later this year.


Our Comments

Adobe is the one nobody expected. The creative software company only needs to have a spreadsheet application to be able to offer a complete online business office suite. At this point, we reckon that Adobe could simply purchase an established player like Zoho and polish the services offered by the company. Adobe acquiring Zoho, now that's an idea.

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