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Apple Could Squash Palm Over Native Pre iTunes Syncing Capabilities

Palm engineers have managed to integrate the necessary code in Palm Pre's hardware DNA to allow it to sync seamlessly with Apple's popular iTunes system.

According to CNN, the iTunes store treats the Pre just like another iPod or iPhone except that it won't allow copy-protected songs to be synced with the smartphone.

Palm, as CNN astutely noted, has managed to get some of the finest ex-Apple employees available including the guy who built the original iPod for Apple. Obviously, all this could well end up with the legal department of Apple doing whatever it can to crush Palm and its Pre smartphone altogether.

Of course, this ressembles the quid pro quo caused when Mark Papermaster left IBM for Apple causing a particular nasty ruckus between the two fomer best friends.

Back ih January 2009, in an Opinion article, tech website Tuaw agreed that Apple could have a strong case (opens in new tab) as Apple's patents cover not only multitouch but also very specific behaviours.

Now an Apple spokesperson told CNN that the company does not respond to rumours and speculations, it is very likely though that the company will be disrupting Pre's launch with a surprise legal assault within the next few days.

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Our Comments

Palm stands no chance against Apple but we guess that any legal action taken by Apple, even if it is rightful and legal, will only serve to consolidate the Cupertino-based company's reputation as the new bully on the block, next to Microsoft. Our hunch is that by next year, the European Commission could well target Apple who, just like Microsoft and Intel is becoming too big for its own good.

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