Random House Launches eBook Reader For iPhone

In what could be seen as a growing influence of mobile technology in driving digital media sales, UK's renowned publishing company Random House has unleashed an ebook reader application on the Apple App Store for iPhone and iPod Touch devices.

The publishing giant will be offering digital editions of works from some of the great authors, including Ben Elton, Richard Branson, and James Patterson.

Claiming to offer experience akin to real-time book reading, the new tool enables readers to change font style and size, turn pages, as well as make notes on pages.

However, all this comes with a hefty price-tag worth £7.49 for the first set of titles that is available on the App Store. In addition, the ebook reader also offers DVD-like add-ons, such as author interviews, quizzes and videos.

Touting the benefits of the newly launched ebook tool, Jonathan Davis, a digital publisher from Random House Group Digital Media, said in a statement, “The iPhone and iPod Touch are fantastic convergence devices and we’re delighted customers can now enjoy digital versions of some of our bestselling books on a device which fits neatly in their pocket”.

Incidentally, last week the publishing giant has launched a social networking platform for the book enthusiasts across the globe, allowing them to rate and review books.

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Our Comments

Only time will tell whether Random House's venture becomes successful. But Amazon and many others have already showed that mobile readers do have a potential to dislodge printed content in the future as prices fall down and the reliability and availability of the devices improve. It was not so long ago after all that people marvelled at brick sized mobile phones.

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