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Spotify Presents App For Android Platform With iPhone Version Coming Soon

Spotify has released a video showing a working version of its streaming music client on an Android smartphone and is set to release more details at Google's I/O conference.

The demo is not totally ready for the limelights and isn't yet available in the US but this will cement the belief that the Swedish application could well be THE killer application for Android.

Spotify will be able to work offline with users' playlists being cached and these will instantly get synced across desktop and mobile installations whenever they are modified.

This will literally turning your phone into a full-blown MP3 player and It is very likely anyway that the files will be protected by a digital rights management scheme.

The popular online music service has already garnered more than one million UK subscribers (that was back in April) and has already had its fair share of bad PR when it denied a £9.99 monthly unlimited plan and when a serious security flaw was revealed.

Spotify has told via a spokesperson that they are working on other mobile devices including the iPhone which should work in a similar fashion.

Obviously there are a number of obstacles including the fact that many mobile phone networks will be unhappy of being treated as dump pipes and many already have their own mobile music ventures out there (flogging expensive DRM-filled audio files).

The company had already announced earlier this month that it will be launching a US version of Spotify in 2010 with a mobile version coming up before the end of the year. As for an iPhone version of Spotify, I wouldn't count on it yet because it will definitely hurt Apple's iTunes.

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Here is the video of Spotify Mobile running on a Google Android Smartphone

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