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Google Wave Heralds New Online Collaboration Era

Taking its online service offerings to next level, Google has unleashed a new service, dubbed as “Google Share”, which enables web users to chat and share links, maps, documents, multimedia management, and much more.

Unveiled at the Google I/O conference in San Francisco, the internet search giant showcased the portal’s capabilities to incorporate email, blogging, Wikis, images, document sharing, feeds from across the internet, and other services in a collaborative environment.

In around two years down the line, Wave could drive users away from various popular Google products, including Google Docs, Gmail, Picasa, Google Talk, Sites, and Bloggers, as well as other similar portals from rivals, such as Yahoo, AOL and Microsoft.

Wave seems to be at the top of the Google’s priority list, with the Thursday’s keynote at the Google I/O conference was entirely dedicated to Wave, as its product manager and two project co-founders presented a detailed demo of the service.

One of the Wave project co-founder Lars Rasmussen quoted in an interview, “We're banking on Wave having a very large impact, but a lot of it depends on our ability to explain this to users. That's part of the reason why we're putting this out early to developers”.

In addition, Rasmussen called for a comprehensive discussion over the product before it’s finally available to consumers.

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But there is a risk that it could collapse if users fail to understand the usefulness of the service, or if they simply can’t be convinced to discontinue their instant messaging, email, blogging, and other such online services.

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