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Sony Set To Release PSP Go! and PS3 Slim Gaming Consoles?

Just a week ahead of the E3 expo, rumours are doing rounds that Sony is all set to unveil its next generation, UMD-free PSP Go!, along with a slimmer PS3 console, but not until the company sells the existing stock of PS3s available on retail shelves, according to reports from Ars Technica.

The website further reported that the upcoming version will be “lighter than its UMD-sporting predecessor along with lower power consumption and possibly a lower price”; furthermore, new PSP will be sold alongside the erstwhile version of the console, the website added.

Ars Technica quoted a source saying, “A good number of titles will be released with both retail releases and digital downloads, with some games like Unbound Saga forgoing a retail release altogether”.

Along with this, the website further confirmed Sony is planning to launch the new slimmer version of PS3 console in August or September this year; however, there was no information if the company is planning to strip any feature out or the new model would cost less.

The new version of PSP would surely be intriguing and help the company to lure the gamers with its upgraded features.

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Our Comments

Pictures of a slim PS3 console were floated around two weeks ago and dismissed as fakes. But it could well be that Sony wants to slash its bill of material to reduce the price of the PS3. As for the PSP Go!, going without UMD will possibly mean a lower price and faster time to market for games.

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