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Virgin Media Updates Mobile Plan Tariffs, Introduces Unlimited Packages

Virgin Media has significantly amended its mobile monthly tariffs grid which now includes a mind-boggling 18 possible options.

The new packages will be introduced on the 28th of May 2009 and according to Virgin Media (or Mobile), it will undercut competitors by at least £2 per month, offering an altogether stronger bundle.

But the tariff can be confusing sometimes. There are three different £18 online tariffs, three on £25 and £30 respectively with some clearly obsolete. One £18 tariff for example offers you 250 minutes and unlimited texts while the other gives you only 200 minutes and 500 texts.

Virgin Mobile ha a number of unlimited text (fair usage policy of 3000 texts) bundles as well as unlimited data tariffs as well starting from £18. 18 months contracts start from £8.50 all the way up to £40 which is obsolete when the £35 with unlimited data costs less and has more minutes.

The Managing Director of Virgin Media's mobile branch, Graeme Oxby, argues that the company will be "offering consumers outstanding value and much greater choice, with hundreds of minutes, countless texts and endless web browsing included in their monthly package."

Existing Virgin Media customers will also get free calls to other Virgin mobile customers as well as part of the deal.

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Our Comments

So how does that compare with the rest of the competition? Three has an unlimited texter package for £15 but comes with 75 minutes only. They also have a £20 unlimited text, unlimited internet with 200 minutes with the very sexy E71.

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