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Don’t forget Samsung's Omnia HD!

We all know that Apple will announce their iPhone refresh real soon, Palm have their Pre hitting US buyers in June, and Nokia will finally ship much twiddled over N97. Even HTC are shipping updated WinMo handsets this month, but what about the Samsung i8910 Omnia HD.

Well if you can get around Samsungs tongue twister name for their latest Symbian handset, pop over to Orange and you may be lucky and find one in stock.

At first glance it just seems yet another touch screen Samsung, but look closer. The abilities of this handset are quite spectacular and throw the competition out of the ring for at least this round of mobile wrestling.

A few geeky figures. The Samsung has a 3.7 inch 360 by 640 pixel ‘capacitive’ OLED screen. Trounces the competition right from the start. Add into the mix the latest HSUPA tri band radio elements, (5.76mbps upload), a dedicated graphics processor, a 600MHz ARM chip, 8MPx camera recording at full high def 720p, digital compass, turn to mute and the latest Symbian OS.

Who knows why no one is really talking about this spectacular piece of mobile tech, unless it’s because only Orange seems to be taking an interest in listing it.

So why not go for the Nokia N97 (slow processor, inferior screen and camera), Palm Pre (nice but mainly for the US market for now), HTC Android handsets (seriously lacking in most areas), HTC WinMo handsets (better but still not competitive), iPhone (great software but lacking in hardware features).

This leaves the Omnia HD a technical tour de force for the rest of the year, or until Sony Ericsson’s launches the Satio (Idou to you and me).