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Greater Uptime Of IT Systems In The Financial Industry

Achieving high levels of systems uptime is a critical aim for the IT department in many industries. In the finance industry the availability of services 24x7 is a necessity.

However, this can be impacted by the variety of monitoring and alerting applications that builds up over time - the ‘monitoring and alarm zoo’ – with different sources, multiple notification formats, non homogeneous communication media for alerts, etc.

Insight Investment, one of the largest asset managers in the UK, has introduced a central notification workflow hub to tame this zoo.

Insight had 6 different monitoring systems such as Microsoft’s System Centre Operations Manager (SCOM) to assess the status of various parts of its IT infrastructure.

A monitoring and alarm zoo becomes difficult to manage and maintain but ultimately such a situation can lead to serious business interruption due to a missing or unnoticed critical event notification and a subsequent downtime of essential IT systems.

With all monitoring systems feeding into a central notification system, all alerts are handled in a well-structured way with clear responsibilities, utilizing two-way communication channels like SMS and voice using defined notification and resolution workflows.

Like an increasing number of enterprise users Insight is looking forward to a significantly lowered risk of business interruption.