Podcast : Probing European Grant System For SMEs Working In ICT

At a time when economic bad news and unemployment is on the increase, Ben Chai, finds out that there is potential funding for businesses working in Europe.

In this podcast, Ben interviews Patrick De Schmedt from the European Commission in charge of Business Cooperation and Support Network in Europe, where Patrick discusses several types of grants available to small to medium enterprises (SMEs) working in information communications technology (ICT).

The three type of funds available include Structural Funds, Research Funds and funds from the Competitiveness and Investment Programme (CIP). You can find out more information at Your Europe Portal. You can download the podcast here.

This podcast was taken at the Invest in Brussels Programme, a programme designed to encourage SMEs to set up offices in Brussels by giving economic and business incentives such as free office space for six months (criteria dependent).

Ben Chai is currently working on building content and community for security managers at Security Vibes. You can read and hear more from Ben at www.securityvibes.com/uk